Let me tell you how my hair growth journey started. After I came to terms with fact that my hair was NOT coming back – I was ok with being bald.
After a few years, I decide to try to grow my hair back. I could not afford the products that were on the market, the B12 scalp shots were NOT an option because I am not a fan of needles.

The first thing I used on my scalp was Caster Oil, I found it at the beauty supply store, I decided to use it after reading and doing some research on it.

Every night, I would wipe my scalp off with a warm towel, and immediately apply a handful of castor oil and with my fingertips, I would massage until they felt numb (usually about 2 mins). I would then tie a satin/silk scarf on my head along with a bonnet- just in case it came off- and go to bed.

In the morning, I would repeat the process. If it was cold, I NEVER went out without my head covered. I love hats, so that was no problem- I ALWAYS kept a scarf on underneath so that the hat would not irritate my scalp.

During the summer, I still wore a hat if I knew I was going to be outside for a while.

At work, people accepted my scalp as just part of me, and it was not an issue.

It was months of this process, NO EXCEPTIONS, before I started to see some results. I felt peach fuzz on the sides and in the back. Over the course of two years, my hair grew back slowly.

My scalp was still itchy and irritated; the most important thing that I had to remember was to KEEP MY HANDS OFF MY HEAD!

I had to remember that my hands contained all kinds of germs from the day. It is crucial that your hands are clean before you touch your scalp.

Below is an article about the benefits of castor oil.

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Embrace Change

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Focus is POWER

What do you do when you change your focus?

Focusing on what is important and what needs to be accomplished can be challenging. However, what happens when you decide to change your focus?

How many times have you set out to do something great but then life happens, unforeseen problems, children, and family and suddenly the great thing you wanted to do suddenly is not your focus.

How do you get that focus back?  Where do you start?

First, you have to be resolved to stay focused! Just because you made the decision to accomplish something doesn’t mean life will stop so that you can get it done.

Life doesn’t stop because you decided to become focused on your goals and accomplishing your dreams! This is a crucial moment – staying focus is vital to your success!

Here a few key points to remember!

  • Focus requires discipline and it is the bridge between focus and accomplishments.
  • Focus is when your mind, will and emotions are in alignment for the task.
  • Focus is Power


Get the tools you need to stay focused!




Change of Direction –Understanding Your Passion

Direction: Take me with you

Direction: Take me with you (Photo credit: Bonito Club)

I know you hear people often say you need to understand your passion.  Find your passion. Feel your passion. Become one with your passion!

Well what if you have more than one? What if you cannot narrow that list down to just one passion? Can you successfully have more than one?

Sometimes you just have to change directions!

The direction that you choose has to be true to you.

My passion has always been helping people to start their business however, a more intense passion of mine is to help domestic violence victims become survivors and start their own business.

To empower other women motivates me more than anything and it allows me to give more and more every day.

So how do you start? Think about what your passion is NOT WHAT YOU ARE GOOD AT!

There is a difference!

Often we believe when others tell us we are good at something, especially at work, and you look up and you find yourself in a career doing something that everyone says your good at doing. HOWEVER, it is NOT YOUR PASSION!


Make two list one with everything that you are good at and the other what you are passionate about.

Do you see a difference in those lists?

Let’s talk about what you’re passionate about! I look forward to helping you establish your passion!


Are You A Worker Or Are You A Leader?

Lathe operator machining parts for transport p...

Lathe operator machining parts for transport planes at the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation plant, Fort Worth, USA (1942). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am a firm believer that there are two types of worker mentalities in the workplace. One is the worker and one is the leader.

A worker will show up every day and work their designated hours, seek nothing more from their place of employment, and may often complain about the work load.  A leader shows up looking for ways for advancement, offer fewer excuses and generally the leader is not part of the crowd.

A worker will sometimes complain about the tasks that needs to be completed, the work that is required and the management staff. The complaining worker  has to have an audience around when voicing their opinion and often is inclined to tell management on how to run the organization differently and more effectively.

The leader will meet and exceed the expectations of their position, look for other ways to be a team player, and understands that to carry out something different you have to be do something different.

The difference begins in the response.

Ask yourself: Are you a worker? Or are you a leader?

The answer to this question will decide if you are an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a nonprofit leader.

It is my belief that if you are a complainer at work you will not service your customers properly!  Your focus will not be that the customer is always right, nor will it be focused on providing the best possible service. It will instead be focused on the amount of work you will have to do for just one client, or focusing on the reasons why you make not like the client instead of providing them a great service.

There is absolutely no problem with being a worker however, ask yourself if you can affectively service your customer and or community with a workers attitude?

Today, I want you to keep track of your responses to those around you at work. Are you part of the crowd?  What does your speech say about you?

Until tomorrow…

“Don’t Let Small Distractions Get In The Way Of the Big Picture”  J’Anmetra Waddell






Response to Questions


Thank you to everyone that emailed your questions in! I greatly appreciate it. I thought I would share some of the questions that I received the names have been omitted!

Do you really have experience helping people start their own business?

Yes! I have helped friends and families for over 10 years  in some form or fashion understand their passion and turn it into a business or help them set up a non-profit

I’m afraid to start my business- exactly what is my first step?

Being afraid is OK it is when you let that fear STOP YOU- that is NOT OKAY. The first step is to call for your FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION. Always put your ideas on paper! It is easier to keep up with and it makes it a reality when you see it written down.

I just need to find a grant that is going to give me money to fix my house and maybe go back to school

Researching for a grant is easy. Applying for a grant and actually receiving one is NOT EASY. There are a ton of grants out there that may help you do what you would like to do HOWEVER; you must do the ground work FIRST. Meaning you have to be willing to do the work required for the grant.

My friends are always asking for me to “hook them up”

Well if you continue to ‘hook up’ your friends they are the only ones benefiting from your hard work!  At some point you have ask yourself the question why are you just giving your information away?

I really want to start something but I don’t have the money and I have can’t afford to pay someone to help me.

There are things you can do first. For example your business plan, organizing your thoughts and ideas of how you want to run the business what product or services you are going to offer. All the while you can be saving for the things that you will need money for (i.e. licenses, forms, and applications).

These are just a few of the great questions that I received.

I ask that you do just one thing before the day ends….OR before your begin your day

Take a pen and paper and write down ONE THING that you are going to DO DIFFERENTLY TODAY THAN YOU DID YESTERDAY! It can be as small or as big as you choose. For some saying fewer curse words than the day before or perhaps, not complaining the first 10 minutes you’re at work.

I promise if you do this exercise every day you will start to notice change in your thinking, your attitude and most of all your ACTIONS!




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