What If I have NO Money?

English: An image of a grocery store, Taj Stor...

English: An image of a grocery store, Taj Stores. The largest manufacturer of Bangladeshi products and spices. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Great questions and I am glad you asked! There is so much you need to do first before you actually need money! The majority of it will be sweat equity!

Let me explain it like this when you look at your local grocery store what do you see? The groceries? The cashiers, the signs etc. . . . What you don’t see is the work that has happened behind the scenes to make all of that possible. The same is true for you as a new business owner or someone who wants to start a nonprofit.

First, thing you need to do is decide what you want to do; remember the list I asked that you create? Once you have decided what you want to do with your passion.  Now  you’re ready for another ACTION STEP!

Second, is deciding what type of business entity is best for you; for profit or not for profit (nonprofit). Which one is better suited to provide your service to your potential customer?

Next, is gathering the necessary information together to create your vision and dream and make it a reality!

The entire process, depending on how committed you are to achieving your goal could take 6 to 12 months.

Sounds simple enough?

I will share a very valuable lesson with you:

Yes it is simple enough; I have it in three easy steps HOWEVER, you must stay dedicated, motivated and focused on your end goal.  CONSISTENCY IS CRITICAL!

Now you are telling yourself I can do that ! ABSOLUTELY you can. So what do you need Waddell Consulting Services for?

You need Waddell Consulting Services for those times when you can’t find the answer, when your resolve to continue is zero or when you are simply lost and confused among the paperwork and what steps really do come next.

It never hurts to ask and have a trusted advisor on your side when you are making serious life decisions.

Contact Waddell Consulting Services today for your FREE 30 MINUTE CONSULTATION and let me give some clarity and ease for you along your journey of becoming the best business owner and community outreach program!


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